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بررسي روند استقرار پايش وضعيت مبتني بر آناليز ارتعاشات و اثر بخشي آن


نویسندگان: حسین غلامزاده ثانی، علیرضا رضائی، عباس روحانی

ناشر: پنجمين كنفرانس تخصصي پايش وضعيت و عيب يابي                   سال انتشار: 1389                      زبان: فارسی


آنچه كه در اين مقاله به آن پرداخته مي‌شود، گزارشي جامع از روند استقرار سيستم نگهداري و تعميرات مبتني بر پايش در كارخانه سيمان زاوه تربت و بررسي آن از ديدگاه فني و اقتصادي است. خواهيم ديد چگونه اهتمام مديريت ارشد در (CM) وضعيت بكارگيري ابزار موثر و روشهاي مناسب نگهداري و تعميرات در يك واحد صنعتي بزرگ مي تواند مزاياي فني و اقتصادي قابل توجه به همراه داشته باشد. اين مقاله نگاهي است گذرا به نتايج بيش از 750 نفر ساعت جمع آوري اطلاعات شامل اندازه گيري و ثبت پارامترهاي ارتعاشاتي ماشين آلات با همكاري دفتر فني و مشاور، حدود 600 نفر ساعت پردازش اطلاعات و تحليل نتايج با همكاري دفتر فني و مشاور، بيش از 1460 نفر ساعت اقدام اجرايي جهت بالانس، انجام تنظيمات و تعويض ياتاقان با همكاري مشترك دفتر فني و واحد تعميرات مكانيك.

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Vibration monitoring for defect diagnosis of rolling element bearings as a predictive maintenance tool Comprehensive case studies

Authors: Sadettin Orhan, Nizami Akturk, Veli Celik

                           Publisher: NDT&E International                             Language: English                      Year: 2006


Vibration monitoring and analysis in rotating machineries offer very important information about anamolies formed internal structure of the machinery. The information gained by vibration analysis enable to plan a maintenance action. In this study, the vibration monitoring and analysis case studies were presented and examined in machineries that were running in real operating conditions. Failures formed on the machineries in the course of time were determined in its early stage by the spectral analysis. It was shown that the vibration analysis gets much advantage in factories as a predictive maintenance technique.

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Vibration-based bearing fault detection for operations and maintenance cost reduction in wind energy

Authors: Cedric Peeters, Patrick Guillaume, Jan Helsen

                           Publisher: Renewable Energy                            Language: English                      Year: 2018


Critical mechanical faults in wind turbine systems lead to considerable downtime and repair costs. Improving the detection and diagnosis of such faults thus brings about significant cost reductions for operations and maintenance (O&M) and electricity production. One of the most common defects in drivetrains are rolling element bearing faults. Detecting the faults in their incipient phase can prevent a more catastrophic breakdown and save a company time and money. This paper focuses on separating the bearing fault signals from masking signals coming from drivetrain elements like gears or shafts. The separation is based on the assumption that signal components of gears or shafts are deterministic and appear as clear peaks in the frequency spectrum, whereas bearing signals are stochastic due to random jitter on their fundamental period and can be classified as cyclostationary...

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